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Communicating Effectively Worksheet

Answer the following questions, using information from this week’s readings. Respond to each question in 100 to 200 words.

1. Briefly explain the five choices speakers can make. How do these elements determine a speech’s success or failure? Five elements of the seven parts of the speech communication process speakers can choose from: is the type of speaker who is the person presenting the message to the listener. The speaker must also understand the message to communicate to someone else. By channeling the message the listener will understand the purpose of the presentation to provide feedback. The time and place of the speech should occur in a timely manner so listeners wont have interference or impeding communication of the message. When combining these elements together the personal credibility, knowledge on the topic, preparation of speech, manner of speaking and sensitivity to the audience and the occasion can be assessed. The combination these elements determined with success or failure of a speech.

2. What role does the delivery method (e.g. online, video conferencing, face-to-face, conference room) play in constructing a presentation?

Having an effective delivery method helps the audience with the understanding, and listening of a speech. Having a proper voice tone along with appropriate body movements keep your audience in tune with the presentation. Having a clear tone, paced speech and body language gives a sense of bonding with the speaker and the audience. Empathy is key with the listeners so they know the speaker understands and feels the same way about the speech being delivered.

3. What is the difference between hearing and listening? What are some strategies you could employ to improve your listening skills? What does it mean to listen critically?
When sound waves are converted by the electrochemical impulses in the brain hearing is ignited. Listening means paying attention, and comprehending what was heard. Hearing and listening are important tools to understanding and determining what was recently heard. Techniques to improve listening include: resisting distractions, being diverted by the appearance or deliver, suspending judgment, focusing on my listening and developing note taking skills.
Personally I believe with practicing undivided attention to the speaker and keeping an open mind to other presentations along with my own I will be able to become a better listener and speaker.

4. What are the parts of a speech? Describe the role each part plays in an effective presentation.

a. Speaker- is the person presenting or providing an oral message to the listener b. Message- is the communication between the speaker and listener c. Channel- is the manner in which the message is communicated d. Listener- is the person receiving the speakers message e. Feedback- the message understood from the listener to the speaker f. Interference- is anything impeding communication of a message externally or internally to the listeners. g. Situation- The time and place of the occurred speech.

5. What are some ways to use your voice and body effectively when giving an oral presentation? In which areas do you need to improve?

When using the loudness and softness of my voice I can control volume and pitch of my tone. The length of my speech will also be determined by the rate and pauses. The speed in which to speak is known as rate and the momentary break in the vocal delivery are known as pauses. Rate, pitch and volume the vocal variety is widen and expressive to the speaker. Standard sound and rhythm in desired language is key for effective pronunciation. Articulation is using the physical production of speech sounds in your voice. Accents, grammar and vocabulary are distinguished for dialect. When overlooking the list above I need to improve in all aspects of public speaking. Personally I tend to stutter and read like a robot with presenting a speech of any kind.

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