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COMM 310 Week 2 Assignment Public Speaking Self-Reflection (UOP)

For more course tutorials visit Review the feedback you received from the Individual Speech Evaluation Forms filled out by your peers and instructor relating to your Impromptu Presentation in Week One.
Prepare a 350- to- 700- word reflection that answers the following questions:
What verbal and nonverbal speaking anxiety signs did you see?
What specific areas do you intend to work on in this class?
What do you want to accomplish in this course?

How would you plan to improve weak areas to accomplish your goals?
COMM 310 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Problem-Solving Presentation (UOP)

For more course tutorials visit Higher Global is an international company with branches in multiple continents. Employees who work in the corporate center, located in the United States, are constantly sent to other countries. All employees must participate in a training session that covers how to do business in other countries. Human resources conducts a symposium every month to train employees on this topic. Your class is the training team that develops the symposium. The class is divided into teams to develop presentations.
Select a country as a topic for your Problem-Solving Presentation.
COMM 310 Week 5 Assignment Ethical Speaking Analysis (UOP)

For more course tutorials visit Identify a situation in your life in which an issue related to speech ethics was involved. The issue could have affected you as a speaker or a listener.
Prepare a 350- to 700-word analysis in which you describe the situation and explain the ethical issues involved. Discuss ethical guidelines that could resolve the issues.
COMM 310 Week 5 Powerpoint Persuasive Presentation (UOP)

For more course tutorials visit Prepare and deliver a 10-minute persuasive presentation on a topic you strongly support.

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