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Thesis Statement
The combination of Ethics and Social media is complicated. What people say online is considered their written word. Professionals often struggle with befriending clients or co-workers. Subordinates sometimes feel pressure when their bosses request friendships. The Social Media frenzy has given professionals the opportunity to communicate with clients online but the rules of confidentiality are sometimes vague. Mass media and ethics in today’s society raises many concerns as decisions are made daily involving ethics and such decisions possess the ability to impact the lives of millions of people, whom read, watch, listen, or browse through a media source outlet. To prevent a formal code of ethics from being broken through mass media, in this case-social media, it is important to understand ethical compliance, especially in the workplace.
I. Legal and Ethical Issues associated with Social Media
A. Privacy Policies 1. Copyright, Piracy and Libel are all issues directly associated with the ethics of social media. Using someone else’s words or speaking negatively about someone in a way that harms their reputation presents a gray area for social media users.
2. Websites are often constructed to defame someone’s character. There is virtually no way to keep people from going live with these sites. Minimal judgments have been issued mandating the removal of defaming information from websites.
II. Social Media and Educational Facilities A. Student Confidentiality 1. Educational Facilities have the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the students who enroll in their facility. Grades and transcripts are now being handled electronically and sometimes wind up in places they do not belong. 2. Students also have a responsibility to behave ethically. Posting private or personal information about the school or other students...

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