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Commanding Heights

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Commanding Heights
Commanding Heights is a six hour PBS television program. This program was based on the book The Commanding Heights, The Battle for the World Economy, by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw (1998). The program consistently discusses the importance of globalization, without really giving a definition of globalization. The term of globalization is not neutral, it can mean different things to different people. As stated by The Globalization Website:
“Globalization broadly refers to the expansion of global linkages, the organization of social life on a global scale, and the growth of a global consciousness, hence to the consolidation of world society. Such an ecumenical definition captures much of what the term commonly means, but its meaning is disputed. It encompasses several large processes; definitions differ in what they emphasize. Globalization is historically complex; definitions vary in the particular driving force they identify. The meaning of the term is itself a topic in global discussion; it may refer to "real" processes, to ideas that justify them, or to a way of thinking about them. The term is not neutral; definitions express different assessments of global change. Among critics of capitalism and global inequality, globalization now has an especially pejorative ring” (Lechner, 2000-2001).
Episode 1
The first hour of episode 1, The Battle of Ideas, covered various aspects of different world economies and why globalization was important to the world. The video took the watcher through a tour of the decades, from 1917 to 1947 and the economic changes that happened during the various wars around the globe. The Commanding Heights video covers the several aspects of Marxism, socialism, communism, capitalism, Bolshevism, fascism, and totalitarianism. At the hour mark in the video, India is looking at the “communist countries...

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