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Comment on How Urbanization Can Lead to Variations in the Quality of Life in a Number of Different Cities

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Comment on how urbanization can lead to variations in the quality of life in a number of different cities.

Urbanization is not an instant process, it takes place over many years as a population slowly grows, or movement from rural settlements to urban cities and towns occurs more often. Urbanization is defined as “an increase in a countries proportion of population that lives in towns and cities”. Urbanization can be a very slow process for some areas, such as LEDC’s, however countries that are more developed anyway can go through the process a lot faster as they have resources such as money to fund projects leading to an urban area being built.

An example of a city that has very varied quality of life is Mumbai in India. Mumbai is a megacity that has a thriving economic scene, being home to some of the world’s most expensive property, to Bollywood and many large business centers. In contrast however within Mumbai lies a square mile area which is home to over 1 million people, living in illegal shacks, on waste land. This area, Dharavi, has terrible conditions. People have to go to the toilet in the street, which provides extremely unsanitary consitions, especially for the children that play in the same streets, as doctors deal with around 4000 cases of diphtheria and typhoid each day. The clean water is rationed, for 2 hours per day at 5.30am. This is not a pleasant place, yet there is more and more people moving here due to the pull of the general city, as there are few jobs in rural areas, and more to offer in the cities, however just not enough houses.
Within just this one city there is a huge compromise in some peoples life quality, however considering the conditions of those living in the Dharavi slum, 85% do in fact have a job.

Comment on how urbanization can lead to variations in the quality of life in a number of different…...

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