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Commercial Bank Management

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Commercial Bank Management (Loan Evaluation)
Ericka Briones Unit 1
September 22, 2015
University of Dallas

Commercial Bank Management (Loan Evaluation)

The main key players in the situation includes Sally, commercial loan officer, Jack financial analyst and Quality Foods Inc who was the client seeking a short loan in the bank. All the stakeholders have certain issues at stake after the approval of the loan in spite of Jack skepticism. Jack had an opportunity to show his independent ability to identify financial situation of a company. In contrast, Jack could have adversely affected his relationship with his mentor, Sally. Sally’s reputation and credibility was at risk if Jack was to report the case to the senior managers. In terms of Quality Foods Inc, the company would be unable to secure the short-term loan request to finance its current investments and projects. The relationship of the company and bank would have also been affected if the Jack reported that the company had included the operating leases in the balance sheet. Jack who is the main character is this case can use his knowledge and ability to understand the implications of operating leases on the financial situation of the company influence Sally to reconsider his decision. Other characters including independence and confidence in his strong judgment on the current situation of approving Quality Foods Inc loan request (Koch & MacDonald, 2014). The main character, Jack must be ready to counter the most powerful and persuasive response that Quality Foods Inc is loyal customer of the bank and has been performing better financially over the years. Jack could use the operating leases evidence to stand firm on his argument against approving the loan request of Quality Foods Inc. The argument should be made to Jack by Sally if he reports to the senior manager the...

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