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Commercial Import & Export

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L/C Procedures for Import & Export with Practical Exercise
Bangladesh is a developing country. The main growing sectors and industries in Bangladesh are Ready Made Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Ceramics, Plastics, Steel, Shipbuilding and many others. Most of the industries irrespective of their categories are depended on imported raw materials directly or indirectly in addition to local procurement. Besides, the export oriented industries have been exporting their finished goods throughout the world.

Exports and Imports involve a lot of technicalities because this takes place between two countries, under different situations, rules and regulations and culture. As such, export-import transactions call for proper understanding and in depth knowledge of various technical aspects including Letters of Credit Operations. To learn these theoretical aspects and for sharing of many other practical details regarding export and imports from the experience of a professional - executive this training has been arranged.

Training Objectives:
This training aims at:
• Why and how domestic trade and international trade differ;
• The various international trade payment methods including open account payment terms;
• The role of bill of lading in international trade;
• Differentiate between the documents that are documents of title to goods and those that are not.
• Letters of Credit –its origin, meaning & types.
• Role and responsibilities of the parties involved.
• Import Procedure/The process involved in a letter of credit cycle.
• Documents used in international trade.
• How to examine documents?
• Incoterms -2010
• UCPDC-600
• ISBP-681
• Export Procedure
• Financing of Export.: Pre-shipment & Post Shipment finance
• Export Incentives
• Dealing with Discrepancies
• Options Available to the Exporter When Documents are...

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