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Communication is definitely important to do effectively because of miscommunication. People generally want to be able to express themselves and in return desire for the listener to understand the expression and give feedback. Whether the population exchange messages verbally, through body language, or even through written messages, the point of the overall communication must be understood and met. Sometimes it is difficult to explain what one had originally said or meant. This could be due to several factors. One is lack of remembrance. Another one is lack of being able to explain in simpler terms or a way for the listener or view to understand more. Effective communication will help students in their academic career by allowing them to understand what is going on around them. They will be able to confirm that they know what is going on by stating it and by acting on it or following directions if there are any. It also will continue to train communication in different ways. Technology will be involved and students will learn more about how to effectively communicate through channels that are not used daily. An example of this is learning how to code computers. If the information is not taught to the student efficiently and effectively, that student will not understand how to code. GCU emphasizes quality discussion post and proper etiquette because of professionalism, and people’s need to know and understand what is going on between the institution and the individual. The school may also do this to instill proper manners for daily and elegant times in their lives. GCU also wants things to be interesting, eye-catching, and worthwhile which is where excellent quality plays a positive roll.

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