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Commitment to Public Interest

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Every time I hear a politician during speaking engagements, during election period, most especially, I almost always hear the word, “Should you elect me in this position, I will do this, and that…for the common interest of my constituents.” But how committed these leaders are in advancing the best interest of the people, is one serious question that each and every one of us has to reflect on, not only during elections, but also in ordinary times. The same goes to other employees holding government positions, high or low. The degree of standard of commitment expected from a government employee is so high such that failure to promote the general welfare of its public-clienteles speaks of the quality of governance there is in our country. Having been hired in one of the major agencies of the government, mandated to press on the needed economic progress of the agriculture and fisheries sector in the country, I am fully cognizant of this commitment expected from me. I may not be holding a permanent, temporary nor a casual position, and technically, I may have no employer-employee relationship with my agency, but with the clienteles which my office is serving-the public, I am completely aware that I owe the public my commitment to their interest. Thus, before I go to work, regardless of my personal circumstances and difficulties at some times, I inculcate in my mind that this commitment should not, in any way, get affected once I enter the gates of my office through the simplest way of giving every person I meet at the corridors my sweetest smile. I am assigned at the Office of the Regional Executive Director; hence, a number of visitors and clients, from farmers, to farmer-cooperatives/associations, to politicians, come and go every day requesting for various forms of assistance from the Regional Director. Thus, in so serving them, once they enter our room, I readily ask their purpose for coming so as to inform beforehand the Director. Also, I promptly and courteously attend to inquiries and follow-up on their requests, either through phone calls or personal visit. Further, I use government properties such as telephones, fax machines, photocopiers and computers carefully and treat them like mine because apart from they are not my properties and merely using it in trust, they are indispensable to accomplish my work. Also, being in-charge of all outgoing communications for signature and/or approval of the RED, I leave copies for the office by photocopying using scrap papers. Additionally, whenever circumstances require, I stay at the office to do overtime work. This, no overtime pay, notwithstanding.

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