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Common Agricultural Policy and the Uk

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The economic impact of EU membership on the UK

This note examines the various channels through which membership of the EU affects the
UK economy. A general sense of the EU’s economic impact can be gained by reading
Section 1 alone. Subsequent sections deal with particular issues, such as the EU’s effect on
UK trade relations, in more detail, and compare the UK’s situation with alternative arrangements. Contents

Introduction and summary



Cost-benefit analyses of EU membership



The effect of the EU on UK trade relations



Impact of immigration from the EU



The impact of EU regulation



Fiscal consequences of EU membership – the EU budget



The EU’s effect on consumer prices



Foreign direct investment (FDI)


Appendix table: a comparison of the EU with alternative trading arrangements


Would independence over trade policy lead to better results?


The EU budget – winners and losers


Trade barriers and economic efficiency


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Introduction and summary


Understanding the economic impact of EU membership

EU membership influences the UK economy in a number of ways. The most important effects arise through the Single Market, the programme of economic integration through which the
EU’s ‘four freedoms’1 are guaranteed. But the economic impact of the EU is felt in other areas of its policy, too. The EU has exclusive competence to negotiate trade and investment agreements with countries outside the Union;...

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