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Analyzing Personal Conflict Management Style Paper

Mark A. Pitts


July 1, 2013

Analyzing Personal Conflict Management Style Paper

This paper describes three conflict management styles. I discuss the conflict management style I use most frequently, and why? And the difficulties I encounter in dealing with others who use different conflict management styles. In the paper I discuss advantages and disadvantages of each conflict management style. In conclusion I will describe conflict avoidance and its interrelationship with conflict management. The three conflict management styles are (1) Competition, (2) Compromise, and (3) Collaboration.
The competition conflict-management style occurs when people stress winning a conflict at the expense of one or more other people. People who have power or want more power often seek to compete with others so that others will accept their point of view as the best position.
The compromise style of conflict management attempts to find a middle ground—a solution that somewhat meets the needs of all concerned. The word “somewhat” is important. Although on the surface a compromise can look like a “win-win” approach, it can also create a lose-lose result if nobody gets what he or she wants or needs. When trying to reach a compromise, it comes with the expectation of losing something and winning something simultaneously; it is also expect that others win and lose as well. As shown in the compromise style, there is some concern for others, as well as concern for self.
To collaborate is to have a high concern for both yourself and others. Group members who use a collaboration style of conflict management view conflict as a problem to be solved rather than as a game in which some people win and others lose. Eventually, groups that take the time to collaborate have better…...