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Communicate information to suit the Audience, Purpose and Content!
Guide for a frequent IT user!
How to use maps
Login on to the website and sign in if you are already assigned to the website but if not then you can press on a hyper link stating register new account and fill in your details. Once on you can also assign into a class which is your teaching group and school.
Now that you are a member of maps you can now upload your work by adding posts which the icon on the left. Before uploading the work it is essential that you give it a title and if you want you can write a message along too including how you found the task. When you click upload another webpage will open up which needs to be closed after you have done all your uploading. Once uploaded you are recommended to use Red Pen to mark you work, when you have marked your work using the red pen tool you can go back and make any changes to your work before getting it marked by your teacher.
The red pen tool is found under the icon tasks and then clicking on the task that relates to the work you have done. Move your curser over the uploaded work and a there should be an option list that will appear and on that option list there will be an option stating “RED PEN TOOL!”


After clicking on the red pen tool another web page should open which will allow you to mark your work and assess it yourself. The webpage should look something like this:
The icons note, comment and audio allow you to leave a message for your teacher relating to the work in the form you want, whether it is writing a message or recording it and sending it!
This is the part which tells you what you have done and what was supposed to be done. You are to drag and drop this on the areas where you have met up with what you were to do.
This is the part which tells you what you have done and what was supposed to be done. You are to drag and drop this on the areas where you have met up with what you were to do.
This is the page that contains all of your work on it and is the place where you drag and drop the icons when you are marking your work.

This is the page that contains all of your work on it and is the place where you drag and drop the icons when you are marking your work.

It allows you to change the pages and zoom in and out too! Before closing down the webpage after you have finished it is important that you save your work so you know what to do or improve on when it comes to referring back and so that you don’t have to do it again!

On maps 3 there is also a stage called blogging which is seen by all your class mates including the teacher. This is a way to ask for help and communicate in a way in class. But this should not be used for other things in class other than what it is recommended for. You can access to this by going to the icon at the top which reads classes, then click on your class name and the following page should open up:

The circled word is where you click on and then allows you to add new post or reply back to any that have already been uploaded, by pressing on add comment and enter your own comment.

This is the page that should appear after you click on view class blog!!!

Guide for an infrequent IT user!
What is Maps?
Maps is a way of being able to track the progress of a pupil by providing each pupil in a school with their own portfolio. This method helps the pupil to improve on their work by being able to go back and make any changes to their work before being assessed. MAPs stands for “Managed Assessment Portfolio System!” it is used by pupils as well as teachers in schools all over the world.
How to use maps!
In order to be able to use maps you will have to first open up internet explorer and log on to maps by using the following website: coming up with the following page:

Once on, you are recommended to either sign in if you have already registered, but if you have not as yet registered there is a hyper link stating “register new account”, and fill in your details. When all the details have been filled in you can now log on to maps and get to know the following:
There are icons along the top as well as the side. The home icon is the icon that gives you brief information about what work has been set and needs to be completed.
The newsfeed icon however tells you what you have done like: * Commented on someone’s post * What work had been assessed by your teacher * What work has been set etc.
Your journal icon allows you to be able to read what work you have sent to your teacher and any messages you have sent alongside and the replies from your teacher. It also allows you to send a post by clicking on the hyper link which reads add new post. At the top right hand corner where you are to upload your work to get assessed.

Once you have clicked on the hyper link the following page should open, which allows you to write a comment on how you found the task set and any other information you would like to send to your teacher, make sure that before you write anything to send, you should write in a title at the box stating title. Then click on your task that suits the work you have done and press on upload. By clicking on upload it will come up with a new page and this is where you will have to browse work in other words find your work in the folder you have saved it in and then press “upload”. After all your work has been uploaded you have to make sure that you press SAVE!!!

To check what work you have uploaded you can click on “assets!” You have an icon reading “classes” and then you find your class and then viewing “class blog” it can be used to ask questions like if you are stuck on something and the person is on the other side of the class you can send a blog and wait for a response.

Inbox views any messages that have been sent to you. Profile allows you to add any information about yourself and insert a picture too. And finally the “tasks” shows you a list of tasks that have been sent by your teacher for you to complete.

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