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Communicaand Crisis Paper

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Communication and Crisis Paper Tara Littleton HCS/320 1/18/16 Ann Maleta

Communication and Crisis Paper Official reports indicate that the public water supplies in several different towns in the area are contaminated with a biological agent that is life threatening. Being the director of the Emergency Management Office, there has to be a contingency plan put into place within the office’s organization and with the public without creating a widespread panic. Knowing the situations in the past, the issues have to be dealt with immediately. Doing research and using the information from the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor malfunction in 1979, will help to know how to respond to this disaster. Even though there were no deaths or injuries from this particular incident, it drew a lot of media attention and created great concern within the local area and surrounding areas. The major forms of communication used in this situation were three major television networks and the local radio stations. Also, there was another situation in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina went through New Orleans and left it devastated. Many of the local citizens and their families were affected and most of them had to be relocated. In this situation, there were newer communication technologies, like the Internet, that was used to disseminate information. The first thing to be done as director is to send an email out to all employees calling an emergency meeting as soon as possible. The meeting will be mandatory and any employee that is out of office will have to be on video conference. In...

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