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Communicable Disease Assaignment 1

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Communicable Disease Portfolio Part 1 DRAFT 1

My state is Illinois, it is a state in the mid-western part of Unites State. It is the 5th State in terms of population and the 25th in terms of size (National Population, 2014). The population is 12.88 Million. It is a health care hob in the Midwest region of United States in that it has some of the biggest hospital network system in the country with easy accessibility to quality care – the county healthcare system. In all it has one hundred and forty three hospitals with a staff strength of 31,052 (Wikipedia, 2015). In terms of healthcare expenditure, Illinois spends over eighty seven million yearly in hospital care, physician services, nursing home care and prescription drugs. This represents the highest expenditure when compared to its neighbors like Indiana that spends forty two million, Michigan that spends sixty five mission in overall healthcare cost for hospital care, physician services, nursing home care and prescription drugs, Iowa spends about twenty one million, Minnesota spends thirty nine million and Wisconsin spends forty one million on overall health care costs like hospital care, physician services, nursing home care and prescription drugs. Illinois prides itself as being the only state in the nation to provide the all Kids program which offers many Illinois children comprehensive healthcare that includes doctors’ visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and medical devices like eyeglasses and asthma inhalers (Illinois All Kids, 2015). Some families pay monthly premiums for the coverage, but rates for middle-income families are significantly lower than they are on the private market (Post tribune, 2014). Illinois is a very health conscious state whose public health mission is to envision optimal physical, mental and social well-being for all people in Illinois through a...

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