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Communicatin and Collaboration Strategy Paper

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies
Olympia Gissendanner-Gadson
GEN 200
August 30, 2010
Theresa Bradley Staples

In order for a learning team to be successful, there must be effective communication and collaboration existing. Learning teams are made up of diverse individuals. To maintain productivity, each member of a learning team should know the characteristics of each learning style and personality type. According to my assessment from highest to lowest, my learning styles are: verbal/linguistic, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. My personality types are: organizer, giver, and thinker. Since I have learned my own learning styles and personality types, I have the ability to relate and understand individuals that have different learning styles and personality types. In this paper, I will discuss my strategies of communicating and collaborating with others and the benefits of having diversity in a learning team.
My first learning style is verbal/linguistic. This learning style enables me the opportunity to communicate through language. I use my sense of humor to learn as well as assist others in learning. My second learning style is intrapersonal. I have always been the type of person that was aware of my feelings and have never had a problem expressing myself. At times, I can be very stubborn, but I always try to put others needs before my own needs. Many times, I am also known to seek higher levels than the average person. The last learning style is naturalistic, which is the lowest learning style for me. In order to learn in this learning style, I would have to become a member in a group with someone that has a deep understanding of nature. I would suggest that I am not a naturalistic learner; I have used nature in my past to relieve stress or conflict that have arisen by going outside and taking in deep breaths of fresh air. Also, I have been…...

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