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Communication Accommodation

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COMM 89 Theory Paper Purpose: Evaluate the utility of an academic theory by examining its applications to everyday life. Enhance your ability to understand academic theory as explained by an outside source and to apply theoretical concepts with organization and clarity. Demonstrate original thought in analysis of utility. Preparation: 1. Choose an episode from your life. Choose one of the two following types of brief (1-3 minutes) real life communicative episodes (any communication interaction between 2 or more individuals). Do NOT attempt to use a movie scene. a) First-hand experience: an incident in which you met and/or communicated with someone. b) Observed episode: an incident in which you witnessed 2 or more others communicating. 2. Select a theory from those on the schedule prior to the midterm. Choose one that will help you understand your communicative episode and that might also be beneficial for understanding your future communication interaction. 3. Find at least one main academic source (NOT your textbook or lecture notes) that explains the theory. This main source must be published and will most likely to be either a chapter in an edited book or a journal article that provides a thorough explanation of the theory. A journal article with an experimental study is unlikely to provide a thorough explanation of the theory, but is a very useful additional source for discussing the utility of the theory. (Use these in your utility section.) Your textbook and lecture notes do not count as main sources, nor do Internet sources from Wikipedia, online or other class lecture notes, etc. 4. Based on your main source(s), explain the theory in your own words. Additional research, such as experiments, course readings can be included to further enrich your explanation of the theory. Explain all key concepts of the theory (unless it is particularly complex,...

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...Using Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) as a framework, this paper presents a multi-method investigation of the communicative behaviors in culturally heterogeneous workgroups (CHWs). Analysis of observations (participant and non-participant), semi structured interviews, and self-report surveys from both field and student samples provide insight on the communicative behaviors and strategies employed in the production and management of both productive and destructive conflict and outcomes for CHWs. The research demonstrates the usefulness of the CAT framework to analyses of conflict in CHWs and provides fresh insights on the triggers and management strategies associated with conflict in CHWs. A topical organizational scheme will be used in this section to increase the knowledge of this theory for the reader. As you may perhaps guessed, many scholarly articles focus in the concepts of convergence and divergence when it comes to testing or supporting CAT but instead of stating one research scholarly article at the time with its hypotheses, methods and findings, a synthesis of several articles with overlaps in topics will be given instead. Let’s start with relationships, One important aspect of speech accommodation theory to consider is how researchers evaluate speech. By examining factors that are used to determine speech behaviors, much can be learned about the study of accommodation. There are several characteristics of speech upon which researchers have focused...

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... - can be positive / negative • Prejudice - an attitude (affect) - can be positive / negative — is stored in the mind — i love Mexican food (prejudice) • Discrimination - a type of behavior - can be positive / negative — is the act/ behavior • Traditional relationship among the three stereotypes —> prejudice —> discrimination • Discrimination is communicative — is prejudice, ex: “i like a dodger fan just as much” later that day ends up beating up a dodger fan. - generous definition of communication: Festivals, Marches, Tattoos, Violence, Clothing, and Language are all communicative - if discrimination can be positive / negative, then so can communication (be positive / negative) • Communication Accommodation (Adjustment) Theory: explores how discrimination occurs communicatively • Main Premise: we adjust (accommodate) our communication based on our communicative partner. - attitudes of communicative partner’s social group are important - types of accommodation • Converge: —> social identity - we desire a positive social identity - we want to feel good about our own group membership —> social comparison - we compare our group in relation to other groups (“relative” others) — relative means that when you are comparing the same genders but different ethnicities they’re the same, but different — in-group rejection: when you reject yourself • Social Comparison - we compare our group in relation to other groups (“relative” others) — women compare......

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