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Communication and the Global World

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Communication and the Global World
Monica Kinney
Colorado Technical University
MGM 316
Professor Reinke
December 2, 2013

Monica Kinney
714 Benson St.
Moberly, Mo. 65270
December 2, 2013
Administrative Assistant
Atlantis Resort and Hotel
Abu Dubai, Dubai 198

Dr. Mr. Johnson,
I am interested in the position for Administrative Assistant with your organization. Atlantis Resort & Hotel has been highly recommended to me as one of the best organizations to work for. I would be interested in learning more about the organization and the opportunities available.
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University Online. In addition, I have been a manager for RJD, Inc. for the past nine years.
My resume, which is enclosed, contains additional information about my experience and skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position with you and to provide any other pertinent documentation or information on my candidacy. I can be reached via my email at or by my cell phone, (660)-353-0593.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and speaking with you about this opportunity.

Monica Kinney\ 714 North Street
Moberly, Mo. 65270
December 2, 2013
Mr. Larry Johnson
Human Resources Manager
IBM Corporation
88 Tokyo Avenue
Beijing, China 198
Re: Administrative Assistant
Dr. Mr. Johnson:
I am writing about the vacant position of Executive Administrative Assistant at IBM Corporation, as advertised at, last week. Along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, hands-on-training in MS Office Suite and nine years managers experience, I have the capability to deliver quality...

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