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Communication And Writing Class Analysis

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Throughout the first half of the semester, I’ve learned a handful of useful things for the future in terms of writing. From the beginning of this class, I’ve been drenched in work online and in class. From doing reflections on the class everyday to the more recent research paper the class has been working on. The most helpful things that I learned in this class that can possibly be used in the future are the vocabulary words, the research paper, and the class reflections. The more helpful out of the things learned in this class was the vocabulary that we have done. Vocabulary is a key component in communication and writing. I had to look up and define ten words as an assignment for the class and now I can use those ten words in future communications or writing assignments. Not only that, the vocabulary that we have done and learned can be used overall in life. By overall in life, I mean with possibilities of job/career opportunities, school, or just having a nice conversation with someone. …show more content…
In this class, the vocabulary words that I had to define are now apart of my personal dictionary. So now, when I talk to anyone, I have a choice of words to go to. Instead of having a limited number of words to use at all times, learning these new words allow me to replace them. It’s not about trying to impress others by using bigger or fancy words rather than using the “go to’s”, rather than bettering yourself vocally. Also, when communicating with others using these new words learned, I can pass the knowledge to my peers and help them further their

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