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Communication Between Different Healthcare Facilities

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Communication Between Different Healthcare Facilities

Over the years its been proven that communication between different teams within an organization is very important in being successful. Patients often have to come in contact with many different members of the staff when they visit a healthcare facility, therefore each team has to make sure they are on the same page when its comes to the care of that patient. Effective communication prevents major mishaps and cuts down on risks of inaccurate information when the staff is handling critical patient care. Communication and collaboration within an organization is key to the thriving care of a facility. There can be several risks when organizational teams within an organization fails to communicate effectively and work together. Without the proper skills of communication and working together, critical information and changes in a patient’s care can go unnoticed, causing medical errors to transpire and leaving the patient and the facility in a tight spot.
When it comes to communication, there are both strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths of communications is the ability to issue out useful information both verbally and written. Efficient communication is not just about sharing information verbally but its how the information is shared between the different teams. Daily healthcare personnel find themselves in situations that decisions made can affect all involved and not just the patients. Communication strengths also focus on the staff’s ability to listen and follow direction. If you are not an active listener, you will fail when it come to communication in the work place. When it comes to working in healthcare organization, being that it’s a field that is constantly changing, you always have to be able to communicate and understand what is needed of you. If a person can’t communicate, the healthcare...

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