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Communication Bias

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Bias in Media
Each and every day we are exposed to countless forms of media from books, magazines, internet, and television. Thanks to the ever evolving and fast paced technology world, our society is not only exposed to an ever increasing amount of media but the mediums in which we interact with it are evolving. Throughout our exposure, we are subjected in media to countless forms of bias delivered both directly and indirectly. Before we can examine how this bias effects our society, we must first define what bias is. “Bias is a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly (bias, 2014).”
Recently, I watched an episode of Modern Family on the ABC channel. Modern family is essentially centered on three families and their interactions with one another. Although the modern family name would lead you to believe this show represents a new frontier free from bias and stereotypes, this show draws is comedic nature from these very bias representations. A broad spectrum of families are represented from a mixed marriage, to a gay or homosexual couple, and a traditional family. Despite the vast portrayal, Modern Family promotes traditional gender roles and stereotypes of women.
I believe that Modern Family has a moderate level of media bias represented in its episodes. Although they attempt in many storylines to break away from the traditional roles, definition of acceptable age differences, demonstrate equality and acceptance, Modern Family lacks resistance towards patriarchal dominance within the family structure. Through the promotion of female gender stereotypes, the show promotes a male-dominant family ideology. For generations in the past and for many to come, women will continue to fight the battle against biased based “appropriate roles”.
Rather directly expressed or...

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