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Communication Differences and Strategies

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Jacob A. Nolan

Professor Lloyd
SOC/333 Genders in Society
April 7, 2013
Communication Differences and Strategies ‘ving feedback on the problem they do not want to listen to women vent about it (Ivy & Backlund, 2008). Women on the other hand, are known to vocalize their issues to bring closeness to relationship through their conversation. Women will also try to express themselves when communicating but they do not realize that they often just sharing their experiences and emotions and not really looking for the solutions to the problems. This will then come across as seeking advice in reality women are just looking for the audience to listen (Sapiro, 2003).
When men have conversations they see a means to determine social order and to prove themselves to their audience. While women, on the other hand, often engage in conversations to become more intimate (Sapiro, 2003). It has been found that women tend have conversations to have a close relationships, while men have conversations to find solutions to their problems (Sapiro, 2003). Men also tend to dominate the conversation while women use the conversations to seek out their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (Sapiro, 2003).
As a result when men and women do experience miscommunications it will be a result of not understanding the different communication styles of each other. As it was stated earlier, women will use their communication to help develop relationships while men use communications to help determine their social order and to provide an answers to the problems that were brought up in conversation. When individuals can understand the differences it will allow them to improve in their communications between men and women.
Personal Experience
We have all encountered a number of miscommunications between men and...

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