Communication Differences Between Males and Females

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Conversation/communication differences between males and females
Communication can be defined as a way of sending or receiving information or interaction either verbally or non-verbally. It also covers the diverse ways of emotions, feelings or thoughts exchange. However, it is not the words which matter but the ways in which different people interpret different things. Gender is a factor to consider when it comes to the modes of communication; men and women have different interpretations of the same piece of information. This can lead to some misunderstandings on different occasions. Relationships are a part of the day to day activities of man and communication is a key in the development of any of such groupings. Thus the differences should be understood in order to avoid the occurrence of misunderstandings.
To begin with, in most cases men emerge as leaders in most of the groupings, they are hierarchical and directive and dominate the group since they talk and interpret more compared to women. Some critics say that this is a show of the man’s ego to rule but researchers have established that this is a self driven outcome. They rarely let any word pass without the approval of their own way of interpretation, a move that favors them in the grouping since all of their emotions, feelings or messages are adequately communicated. On the other hand, women are always supportive, cooperative, expressive, facilitative and egalitarian when it comes to human relationships compared to their male counterparts. They focus on the success of the relationships, convey the best ideas and feelings at their disposal with little or no ill motive contrary to the ever directive men.
The differences in communication are said to be a result of the differences in thinking. Women will always excel in verbal tasks than men due to the female brain setup while men will outperform them in…...

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