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Communication & Diversity

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The Workplace, Communication and Diversity
Vanessa J. Bailey
BUS 600
Prof. Sean O’Leary
June 8, 2014

Diversity, by definition, has three meanings. According to Collins English Dictionary (website:, diversity means: (1) the state of quality of being different or varied; (2) a point of difference: and (3) the relation that holds between two entities when and only when they are not identical; the property of being numerically distinct. For many of us, however, when we hear the word diversity we immediately associate it with our work environment and maybe even associate it directly with race and ethnicity in the work place. Multicultural diversity is no longer defined by race and ethnicity alone. In today’s workplace, it is important to also include age, gender, sexual orientation, education, religion and life experience (Okoro & Washington, 2012). With a better understanding of how inclusive workplace diversity has become, companies and corporations can now put greater emphasis in effective interpersonal and group communication as it is essential in today’s success (Okoro & Washington, 2012).
As future managers and leaders, it is vital to understand communication and the foundation it provides for business, managerial and organizational communication. All three have a lot in common as well as overlap, in their intended functions (Reinsch, 1991). As Reinsch (1991) put it: “organizational communication is communication intended to affect (overthrow, modify, fortify) organizational structure; Management communication is communication intended to affect or to effect a manager’s decisions; and, Business communication is communication intended to help a business achieve a fundamental goal, to maximize shareholder wealth.” A more contemporary differentiation is that organizational communication is...

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