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Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix

Use the matrix to complete the country information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item.

a. Access the Business Around the World information by using the url: b. Click on the map on the lower left corner of the page. Select three regions of the world to research by clicking on the map. Select one country from each of the three regions you selected to research. The Web site provides you with a good starting point. You may also want to use a general Internet search to find additional information.
c. Include APA formatted references on a separate page.

This assignment is due in Week Three.

|Cross Cultural Communication |
|Country |Preferred communication style |Non-verbal communication practices |Business communication norms |Strategies to increase cross-cultural |
| | | | |communication |
|Italy |Preferred Communication style is |A handshake with direct eye contact and a |Appointments are mandatory and should |It is essential that people must understand |
| |standard language Italian. Many |smile will suffices between strangers. |be made in writing 2 to 3 weeks in |the potential problems of cross-cultural |
| |Italians speak standard Italian and at |Italians are guided by first impressions, |advance. It is common to be |communication and make a effort to overcome |
| |least one dialect, and many are |so it is important that you demonstrate |interrupted while speaking or for |these problems. The use of body sign |
| |multilingual. |propriety and respect when greeting people,|several people to speak at once. |language would also be the most practical |
| | |especially when meeting them for the first | |way of enhancing cross-cultural |
| | |time. | |communication but would need care in |
| | | | |developing conflicts due to many diverse |
| | | | |situations. |
|Philippines |Preferred communication style is high |Sign language as well as body language is |Some Filipinos may use the national | |
| |verbal and written communication. |also used in the country. Sign language and|language in carrying out business with| |
| |Non-verbal communications are also very|use of graphical symbols are also widely |fellow Filipinos. English language | |
| |popular among the locals during casual |common. |however is the main business language | |
| |conversation | |in the country. In any business | |
| | | |transaction, written agreement is | |
| | | |highly recommended to avoid any | |
| | | |confusion. | |
|Kenya |Preferred communication style is verbal|When being introduced for the first time |It is a good idea to provide a | |
| |and non verbal with the official |handshakes are short while handshakes with |historical background when attempting | |
| |language being Swahili and English. |individuals that have a personal |to introduce a new idea or process. | |
| |Direct communication is not the norm |relationship are longer. |The Kenyan hosts must also determine | |
| |and gestures for emphasis are used when| |when it is time to begin the business | |
| |speaking. | |discussion. | |

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