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Communication Plan for Apple Inc.

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Communication Plan for Apple Inc.
By Jeremy Wilson Globally there are very few companies that are more secretive or punitive than Apple Inc. when it comes to its view on corporate secrecy. The company is well known for firing employees that leak company information to outsiders as well as for spreading inaccurate information to its internal employees in an attempt to find the leaks or to get the inaccurate information spread to outsiders. The company even hid the health issues of its late leader Steve Jobs from the public. After his health became public knowledge, Apple representatives still refused to address the matter. Secrecy at Apple is the companies prevailing communication strategy and it is the expected corporate culture. All top secret work is conducted in highly secured and well monitored areas. Apple routinely tries to find and fire leakers by providing incorrect information about product pricing and features through internal meetings. The way Apple limits communication with the news media, shareholders and the public is about completely opposite from the approach taken by many other companies, which are embracing online outlets like blogs and social media formats such as Facebook and Twitter and are generally trying to be more open with shareholders and more responsive to customers. The extreme measures that Apple takes their corporate secrecy to have advantages as well as disadvantages. Apple does a good job of keeping their competitors guessing on what they will do next and by not confusing their customers but by creating anticipation for new products. A disadvantage could be that they also may have internal issues with employee morale. Employees are simply expected to focus on and perform one task without the opportunity for discussion or involvement in the decision making process. With the unconventional organization chart that Apple has...

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