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Communication Plan Outline

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Communication Plan Outline
Sosanna Coyne, Mateo DeLeon & Nadine Guzman
University of Phoenix
Tosh Stuart
A Communication Plan Outline can be very effective; it can determine success and failure to a project. With a communication plan outline, you will have everything you need to in order to start off in the right direction. A communication plan outline will give you a step by step plan on how and what to do. It will help a project to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, retrieval, storage, distribution and ultimate disposition of project information. Below is a sample communication plan outline:

1) Overview – Introduction a. Description of issue b. Describe goals/objectives c. Describe concerns and major issues

2) Audience- list primary and secondary groups that will be targeted a. Internal b. External

3) Message – Define what is to be communicated to the audience? a. Primary message b. Secondary message

4) Questions/concerns-address likely issues and concerns a. Questions most likely to be asked b. Concerns most likely to be addressed

5) Time Frame – discuss timeline from start to finish a. Dates b. Milestone

6) Tactics – how to communicate a. Message b. Person responsible c. Budget considerations

7) Strategy – address the how you will communicate a. Format b. Budget information c. Person responsible for communication d. When

8) Evaluation – examine how the plan worked a. What worked well b. What didn’t work c. What was learned

Putting together an effective communication plan outline can eliminate problems and save time when...

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