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Communication Plan Ouyline

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Communication Plan Outline

“A communication plan documents the proposed and agreed upon paths and mechanisms of communication across a project. This needs to be updated at the start of each process based on the repetition work group assignments. Everyone on the project should be aware of how to communicate across the project and externally to the wider organization. Communication is a big overhead and can be a big drain on productivity. Hence, it is important to put focus on developing a good communication plan and practicing the discipline of following it” (MSF for CMMI Process Improvement, 2007,p 1).
A solid communications plan contains several critical elements. Not every plan needs to include these elements, but using this outline will help not to omit an important component.
Summary: Describe the situation at a high level
Description and background of the issue or initiative
Project goal /desired outcomes
Communications objectives (e.g., awareness, attitude, and action)
Dominant concerns or major issues
Stakeholders: List stakeholders who benefit from project’s results and how each stakeholder will support the project.
Internal stakeholders
External stakeholders
Audiences: List primary and secondary groups to target..
Internal audiences
External audiences
Messages: Define messages to communicate to various audiences.
Key messages – should be two-to-three overriding messages that needs to convey understanding
Supporting messages – these may be more specific based on the audience or timing
Talking points: Note questions that may arise how to respond.
Issues or questions
Related talking points
Timeline: List the milestones from the project plan; this will ensure tactics (in the next step) align.
Project milestones
Tactics: Write down all of the tactics (online and offline) that communicate messages.
Person responsible
Evaluation: Assess how well your plan worked; this will help with future plans.
What worked well?
What didn’t work as well?
Scrapped ideas
Lessons learned


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