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Communication Plan Project

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Ruben Santos Project Management Project- Communication plan

A well planned project has a well planned Communication strategy. “Effective and frequent personal communication is crucial to keep the project moving, identify potential problems, solicit suggestions for improving project performance, keep abreast of whether the customer is satisfied, and avoid surprises.” (Gido & Clements, 2006). This statement could not be more fitting for the type of project my team is undertaking. Project communication is crucial to effectively organize process and finalize any project. Project communication can include; oral communication, written communication, such as memos or external letters to clients/customers, project reports, project progress reports and project meetings.

An initial meeting with the Director of the showcase cinema has been set for 5/6/2015/. An Agenda has been created to facilitate the initial communication with the Director (please see below):
|Project Review |
|Initial meeting with Jonh Dimarzo |
|May 6th, 2015 |
| |
|Agenda |
| |
|8:00 am Introductions/ Opening Comments Ruben |

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