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Electronic Communication Policy and Procedures
Policy Statement
The role of the electronic communication policy is to provide clear expectations and mitigate risk. It is important that electronic communication support employees’ business efforts; however, it is imperative that the company ensures employees do not engage in misuse or abuse of the system.
Employees are solely responsible for the information sent, received, and stored on the organizations system; however, the company retains the right to all information. Furthermore, the company has the right to limit, restrict, deny, and view all electronic communication. To maintain privacy and the integrity of the system, the company expects employees to utilize passwords to enter the system and encrypt all communication that has personally identifiable information. To save energy, the company requires employees to turn off computers at the end of each workday. Moreover, the company maintains the right to monitor and audit all systems and electronic communication without prior notification.
The electronic communication policy and procedures apply to all company employees.
The company expects employees to abide by the following procedures regarding electronic communication: 1. Maintain the security of passwords to enter the organization’s system. The company strictly prohibits employees from attempting to use another individual’s password or account. 2. Limit personal use to breaks and outside the scheduled work period. Personal use is acceptable as along as it does not interfere with the employee’s productivity or interrupt or slow down the network. 3. Understand and acknowledge that their activity may be monitored. 4. Report abuse or illegal activity. 5. Scan all e-mails and attachments for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or trap doors. If a scan indicates a potential threat, the employee must report the threat to the Information Technology Department immediately. 6. Avoid sending emails larger than 10MB to avert interrupting or slowing the network. 7. Encrypt and digitally sign all emails containing personally identifiable information.
The company strictly prohibits the following activities: 1. Sending chain mail, spam, solicitations, advertisements, or commercial emails not intended for the company’s benefit. 2. Conducting illegal activities or gambling. 3. Sending electronic communication that intends to harass, intimidate, threaten, embarrass, humiliate, or degrade another individual. 4. Sending electronic communication that contains obscenities, pornography, racist, sexist, or disparaging material regarding race, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political beliefs. 5. Downloading or installing software. 6. Accessing social media sites.

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