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Communication Technology the Mobile Phone

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There are many advantages of Mobile Phones. A Mobile Phone can perform various functions, eliminating the need to be carrying around different gadgets for example a camera or camcorder. All Mobile Phones have a camera and video recorder built into them, this lets you capture memories when they happen and it is so easy to send the images or videos to your friends and family. Mobile Phones can cater to the needs of each and every person. You can get phones that are specially designed for children that just have the function to ring their mother, father or guardian. You can also get a Mobile Phone that is specially designed for the older person, it is easy to use and has extra large buttons so an older person can see it and use it. Mobile Phones companies are always coming up with new amazing styles and designs and functions. The latest Mobile Phones are incorporated with top features like high resolution cameras, video calling and the option of downloading applications to your phone so you can customize your preferred software for your phone. A Mobile Phone allows you to enjoy entertainment, access information, capture and share pictures and videos at any time, and anywhere you want.
Another advantage to the Mobile Phone is always being able to contact friends and family, especially family members and friends that live abroad or people you don’t get to see very often.
Nowadays a Mobile Phone is like a mini laptop it has everything you need in one hand held device. Some of these functions include being able to video call with friends and family, again this is a lovely way to stay in touch with people that live long distances away as both parties can see and talk to each other. Another advantage is being able to surf the internet and connect to social networking sites through your Mobile Phone, and also being able to check your E-mails rather than...

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