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Communication Vital Tool for Management??

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Naoimh Noelle McConville
Communication is a vital tool within every organisation. The theory surrounding communication has progressed and diversified from the early studies of Taylor and Weber which observed autocratic and bureaucratic managerial styles as being the fundamental approach and communication was viewed as a managerial tool to command and control employees. However the study of communication has evolved extensively and organisational communication has become more complex than was traditionally observed. “Our global economy is complicated, our connections with other nations are complicated...nowhere is this complexity more apparent than in consideration of communication processes.” (Miller 2009) Miller highlights the impact of globalisation in her latest offering, suggesting changes in global demographics, diversification and technological advances have attributed to such major changes within the area of organisational communication.
The emergence of web2.0 which was coined in 1999 by DiNucci was launched into the business jargon by Tim O Reilly in 2004. he term is describe new way in which software developers and end-users started to utilize the World Wide Weparticipatory and collaborative fashion.” The traditional online services were affected by the burst of the bubble in the early 2000’sthe enhancement of the newer Web 2.0 services saw a new era in computer mediated communication. The move from the traditional social software’s of email, IM etc was primarily due to the development and use of software such as RSS, to enhance speed at which information is exchanged increased the demand for tools to exchange information. The growth and the increasing use of wikis, blogs, tagging etc has developed the way business communicates on a daily basis. This all brings new challenges to management and challenges their ability to adapt to the new...

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