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On January 8, President Obama announced America’s College Promise, a lofty proposal to make two years of community college free for all students who attend school at least half-time and maintain a 2.5 GPA. If passed in congress, the proposal would save nine million students an average of $3,800 per year, and which equates to a national investment of 60 billion dollars investment over the next ten years. During his announcement at a community college in Knoxville, Tennessee, Obama said he wanted to, “…bring down the cost of community college tuition. I want to bring it down to zero. … Community college should be free for those who are willing to work for it, because in America, quality education cannot be a privilege reserved for a few” (America’s College Promise Speech). In other words, Obama …show more content…
In order to achieve this, students need to succeed in college as they prepare to enter America’s competitive workforce. During the proposal announcement, Obama claimed that, “If you work hard, you can get ahead. It shouldn’t matter what your last name is, or what you look like, or what family (you were) born in to, how (you) worship…what matters is effort and merit” (America’s College Promise). In saying this, Obama contradicts himself. On one hand, he believes that students need to have solid work ethics and inner-drive to succeed in a flat world, which I agree with whole-heartedly. Yet, on the other hand, he set an almost effortless 2.5 GPA requirement for the program. I foresee that, if the GPA requirement stays that low, many students will put forth minimal effort and merely skim the surface of their academic potential. By having such a low standard, Obama is setting students up for failure. For example, Emily Jensen, a teacher at Ahtanum Elementary School in Yakima, emphasized in an e-mail interview

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