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Jesus and Muhammad paper

It has always been conflict and confusion between Muslim world and the Christianity In fact they are more alike than we think even though they were born at different times in different part of the world Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago (Jesus central) Muhammad was born 570 CE (Albalagh) . Both these two men served similar purpose while they where on earth, Jesus pushed Christianity and Muhammad pushed Islam around the time when Judaism was strong, Jesus, Muhammad known to introduce, and strengthening both respective religion. (Associated content)
In this paper I will explain the history of both men and compare what conclusion their lives and death had on both of their religions and how it influence their followers
Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the fourth year before the Common Era (or BCE). Mary and Joseph was Jesus earthly parents, shepherds came to see Jesus the shepherds told, about the birth by God’s angels. They thought Jesus (God saves) their savior. (Associated content)
When Jesus was young around twelve year old he when to Jerusalem with his earthly parents for Passover, he was lost in a crowd as soon as they have found him he was in a temple talking about the torah with the rabbis. His knowledge was not like an ordinary twelve year old child it was beyond that as they were leaving the temple he made an comment to his earthly parents Did you not know that I would be in my father’s house? Jesus made that comment to his parents to show is close connection with God. The connection he had with God were later showed, in his life (Associated content)
There is no written history of Jesus young adulthood. The story we have heard is when Jesus was thirty years of age, at this age he asked john the Baptist to baptize him in the Jordan River, john the Baptist feels that he was not wordy to Baptist the...

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