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Community Corrections Paper

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Community Corrections Paper


By: Holly Kirksey

Instructor: Jodi Delgado

Community Corrections Paper

Community corrections is something that an individual receives for a crime they have committed. Some of these

things that a person receives is based on their criminal record, Probation status, and if they are a repeat offender. Some

people are placed in jail or prison, while others are placed on community service, work release, probation, and house

arrest. Community corrections affect society in which they are practiced by helping the accused try to lead a normal life by

helping them when they are out in the community doing specific tasks, such as picking up trash on the side of the road.

There are some people who are put on community corrections to keep them from going to jail.

If the crime the person committed isn't bad enough, then the person is assigned to do this to help do things in the

community. This keeps the person from going to jail and this allows other individuals who have committed more violent

crimes to be put in jail instead. The jails are already overcrowded as it is. If we allows people who have committed petty

crimes to be put on probation, house arrest, or community service, then this allows for other individuals who have

committed more harsh crimes, such as murder and theft to be put in jail instead. If everyone who committed a crime was

sent to jail, then the jails would be so full there would not be any room left for people who commit crimes to go. They

would have to built a lot of jails in every city and...

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