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Case Conceptualization: Ralph Trapped On the Job

Tamara D. Maxwell

Fall 2012 CED 7040-TECHNIQUES


This paper discusses a case about a client feeling trapped on his job, and seeking help from a counselor. The aspects and perspectives of the case are detailed throughout the paper. Specific areas were focused on, such as, the cognitive, affective, behavioral, and systemic elements. Also, the theoretical conceptualization, the intervention plan and the procedure for evaluating the outcome of the intervention plan is included. The theory is covered, in a brief overview. Cognitive Information Processing (CIP), a form of Cognitive Therapy and some techniques are explained and recommended as an intervention plan. The paper concludes with the recommended procedure for evaluating the outcome of the intervention plan.

Case Conceptualization: Ralph

This case involves a 47 year old male, which lives with his wife and four children. Based on the provided information, Ralph is feeling trapped in his current job. He thinks he is going through an identity crisis. After being on his job for many years and close to being able to receive benefits, he felt that he had achieved all that he could and it was time for something new. The thought of failing and disappointing his family by not being able to possibly support their future, lingered on his mind. The main obstacle to making a change included fear about making a sufficient income which he could continue to support his family while he made his career transition. To add to the pressure, Ralph’s wife did not agree with his idea to start over at this point in their life.

In addition, Ralph states he feels “blah” and like a “zombie” when it comes to his job. He states that at his age he…...

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