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Health care system is changing, and some of these changes will contribute to raise patient's education and preventive care. In our country an estimated of 26 million adults have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Most of the CKD patients ignore their kidney conditions and the real reasons behind their illness or health problems (Healthy People 2020).
The community nurse is focused on preventing complication, in addition to provide and promote healthy lifestyles. Poor control over diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes that lead to Chronic Kidney Disease (Simons, 2009). It is indispensable to raise the knowledge and information of this disease among families and communities to lower the incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stages Renal Disease (ESRD).
There are a number of actions that can be made to fight this disease. Simple laboratory tests can help to detect any problems affecting the proper function of the kidneys. Patients suffering from diabetes or hypertension should be equipped with several essential tools to successfully face the disease.
Other significant actions are promoting and teaching healthy eating habits, raising awareness on weight control, increasing physical activities, getting informed about their conditions by reading related articles. Sometimes patients do not know about these healthy tips which are essential for the enjoyment a better quality life. Below are some related questions:
How to prevent complication in our kidney?
How poor control of diabetes can affect kidney function?
How to prevent kidney complications by changing our eating habits? Answering these simple questions will alert patients, families and communities on the prevention, action and care of this serious illness and may also help, at least, to educate individuals on the significance of preventing this disease by knowing these basic principles.

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Simmons, L. (2009). Dorothea Orem's self care theory as related to nursing practices in hemodialysis. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 36(4), 419-421.

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