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Approved Topic List: Choosing Your Field Project Topic with a Primary Prevention Focus

Note: You may not log any work on your field project until you are enrolled in Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Field Experience/Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Clinical and have selected your topic.

What is a Primary Prevention?
The Community Health Nursing practicum requires a field project. The project focuses on primary prevention. Primary prevention is the prevention of disease, injury, disability or premature death before they occur.

First Steps in Choosing a Field Project Topic
First, consider what might be an issue of public health concern in your own community. The pertinent questions to consider are: * What is the biggest contributor to disease (morbidity) and premature death (mortality) in your community? * What are the controversial community health concerns discussed in your local newspaper? * What do you believe people in your community are most concerned about related to health? * What is generating the most visits to the emergency room or hospital admission in your community? * What do you believe is reducing the quality of life in your community?

Possible Topic Areas to Choose for Field Project
Access to Healthcare * access to mental health services * access to dental health services * access to health services
Alcohol and Drug Use * responsible alcohol consumption * prevention of drug abuse, including * IV drug use * prescription drug use
Child Health * prevention of neonatal mortality * prevention of unintentional childhood injuries, including: * sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) * poisoning * drowning * motor vehicle related (child safety seat and seat belt use) * sports related * pedestrian related * prevention of child...

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