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Teaching Program: Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Camden New Jersey

Grand Canyon University

Primary Prevention/Health Promotion: Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Camden New Jersey
Education represents a critical aspect in promoting health given that when members of the population are knowledgeable about diseases or medical conditions, they can respond appropriately. In other words, education can be used to forewarn and forearm the members of the communities against the different medical issues that affect them. As such, it is important that healthcare workers develop comprehensive teaching plans to promote health care practices among the populations. Against this backdrop, this essay offers a teaching plan on the topic of primary prevention/health promotion and the issue of sexually transmitted diseases in Camden New Jersey.
Summary of the Teaching Plan
The objective of the teaching plan is to enlighten the teenagers of Camden, New Jersey about the problem of sexually transmitted diseases. In this regard, the topic of the education program will be sexually transmitted diseases in Camden, New Jersey. This will entail teaching the members of the community about the various sexually transmitted diseases concerning their modes of spread or contraction, health impacts, and the ways of preventing them. To realize this objective, the teaching plan will target teenagers in the community. To advance the educational program, sporting and entertainment events will be used. The venues for the teaching programs will be also different and will include community halls and sporting and entertainment venues. The education program will also entail a number of teaching materials namely pamphlets, videos, and magazines. The teaching program will be conducted for three consecutive months and it will be done twice every week. This will be done to ensure that...

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