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Communtations Project on Bbc Business News Website

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BBC News/Business
By Stephen Mahon

Relevant topics – 1. First Impressions 2. Home 3. Content 4. Navigation 5. Target Audience 6. Look and Feel 7. Final Thoughts

* The URL is extremely simple, easy to remember and quick to use. * The loading is almost instant with BBC. * It can be easily read by a certain type of audience. This part of the website is most defiantly geared toward a business or political enthusiast. * Colourful yet congested on certain pages. * No software is needed to be downloaded to view this site. * There is quite a bit of information below the fold regarding BBC business. All pages are narrow and can be lengthy with stories. * BBC Business contains up to date factual stories from around the world and delivers on the interest factor. The selective choice of words coupled with relevant, sometimes funny imagery leaves you feeling that you’ve grasped and understood certain stories. * Registration is optional on this site although it’s not necessary. Every page is still accessible to a first time visitor without signing up. * The BBC is factual, informative, up to date and easily accessible but it lags behind a smidge in the arrangement of its stories on the page. Congestion is a problem. * The BBC to my knowledge is available in 27 other languages. These include Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese to name a few. Its accessibility for the disabled community is impeccable. Options include audio descriptive, signed and subtitled programming. Also it has a link to allow you to change the size and colouring of fonts to suit your needs. I was well impressed with this. * The Terms of use link is easily found located at the bottom of the page. A click inside this page will make available to you the FAQ’s, additional terms and help if needed. Contact details are also at the foot of the home page. Here you can have a variety of different ways in which to correspond. Examples include, e-mail and post. * The link at the top marked ‘News’ always takes you back home. * The search bar is easily seen when opening this website. Its located in the top right hand corner of the home page * When browsing BBC Business I have not found any broken links. Always a plus. * When clicking into links navigation is easy. When you’ve read a story and chosen to exit, simply click back on the news icon at the top and your back home. * Visual links take between 3-5 seconds on average to load and are easy to turn off when necessary. * The animation is limited and is restricted to simple picture changing on the Business page. This is perfect because of the amount of content on one page. One less thing to deal with. * Feedback on the BBC website is another welcomed bonus. They have a complaints link in which to make a complaint online, phone or by post. Also a link to allow you to give feedback directly to the editor (editor’s blog). And finally a link to leave your comments if you have a potential story you’d like to share with them. This in my view is a superb feature.

Final thoughts
Finally I shall give you my thoughts and opinions on this site. I have found BBC business news to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Factual and informative, together with easy to digest stories from the national to international world news scene. There is a more than adequate base of information to fill, process and form your own opinions on knowledge gained on any type of news be it Business, Technology, Sport or otherwise. If I had one point to make against my previous comments regarding this site it would be that it is a little cluttered with stories (mainly text) on certain pages. If I was to give it marks out of ten. Eight would be my total. Thank you.

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