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The Benefits of Gardening
Wendy Christman #413270
Composition 1

June 12, 2015

The Benefits of Gardening
As a necessity for survival we as a people have always had to be self-sufficient at providing for ourselves. Gardening has been that pathway to nutrition. Along with sustenance there are many other benefits that gardening provides. Gardening provides us with relaxation, respite, nutrition, healthier eating habits, ability to grow organically, and pride in what you have grown. Gardening is hard work, it is a work out to till up the soil and add fertilizer, pull the weeds and keep the weeds from taking over the garden on a daily or weekly basis. Even though gardening is time consuming, everyone should have a garden because gardening provides nutrition, is relaxing and provides better health.
The main reason I started a garden was for the nutrition, plus the raised beds were a handmade mother’s day present from my husband and teenage boys. I wanted to provide my family with the best vegetables and know where they came from as well as making them proud. I would know that there were no chemicals used to aid in their growth. I am alright with smaller produce knowing that it wasn’t exposed to chemicals and pesticides. Everyone on our street has a garden, we all grow different things, and share. It is nice to try new things, and learn from each other as well. We all grow our vegetables organically. We are able to give our families better nutrition than what we could afford at the stores. While nurturing my garden I found how peaceful it was to be out there in the dirt, watering it every day. Soon the seeds would poke up through the ground and I would look for progress every morning. This process is very relaxing for me personally. I have expanded my garden this year and doubled its size, adding more work, more food, and relaxation.

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