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COMP101 – Problem Solving with Computing
Homework - WEEK 12 [30 points]

This is further review of some of the material from Chapter 6, some simple steps in coding using JavaScript and the website, and lectures from class.

No credit for answers that are copies or near verbatim transcripts – please use your own words[1] and document sources where appropriate.

Chapter 7

Answer the following questions:

1. JavaScript Debugging Exercises [1 point each, 5 points total]

The snippets of JavaScript below contain syntax errors and/or logic errors. Identify the errors and insert your corrected code.

a. function main()

{ var num1 = getNumber(); var num2 = getNumber(); } function getNumber() { var input = Number(prompt("Enter a number")); } main();

b. function main() { var total = 0;

for (var ctr = 0; ctr < 10; ctr++) { total = computeTotal(total); } } function computeTotal(total, ctr) { total = total + ctr; return total; } main();

c. function main() { var playerName1; var playerName2;

playerName1, playerName2 = getPlayerNames(); } function getPlayerNames() { var name1 = prompt("Enter the name of player1"); return name1;

var name2 = prompt("Enter the name of player2"); return name2; } main();

d. module main() { var ctr = 1; while (ctr <= 10) { console.log("The value of ctr is " + ctr); ctr = ctr + 1; } } main();

e. function main() { var stuName = prompt("Enter the name of your student"); var stuScore = Number(prompt("Enter the test score for the student"));

var output = displayOutput(stuScore, stuName); console.log(output); } function displayOutput(stuName, stuScore) { var output = "The student name is " + stuName + "."; var output = output + " The student score is “ + stuScore + "."; return output; } main();

2. JavaScript Code [3 points total]

Your instructor evaluated and provided feedback on your Raptor flowchart solution from Homework 11. You will be writing a JavaScript program using this evaluated solution. Please be sure to incorporate the corrections identified by your instructor as you proceed to use the JavaScript programming language to code and test the problem using the programming tool for JavaScript.

NOTE: You will be using snippets from JavaScript in order to code the Raptor flowchart from the previous assignment. You will not be required to learn any HTML in order to execute and try out your JavaScript snippet. Following are some important details about the JavaScript language that you will want to know before proceeding with this assignment:

As is noted above, we will be using a tool called to enter and test our JavaScript code snippets this week. It is recommended that you use the latest version of the Chrome browser for these labs. Please refer to last week’s homework assignment details if you have questions about how to maneuver in this tool.

Remember, your code should start with documentation. Document the first few lines of your program to include your name, the date, and a brief description of what the program does. You will need to create four (4) variables in the main part of the program: endProgram, playerOne, playerTwo and winnerName. You will then use a while loop and continue until the user has entered a 1 to end the program. Within the while loop, you will get the dice value for each of the users, making sure to print out the value for each within the rollDice() function. You will then output the winner based on the name returned from the rollDice() function. You will need to create three (3) functions for this program: getName() which will be called once for each of the two players, rollDice() and displayInfo(). The getName() function will simply prompt the user for each player’s name. The rollDice() function will call the Math.floor(Math.random()*6+1) function once for each player and print each out to the screen using the player’s names. It will then calculate which layer’s dice roll is higher or if there is a tie and set the winner’s name to that player’s name or ‘TIE’ if it is a tie and will return that value. Last is the displayInfo() function that will simply take as an argument the winner’s name and print that out. Last, you will prompt the user if he or she wishes to end the program. That will then end the program or continue back through the loop again.

When your code is complete and runs properly, simply highlight all code that appears in the left (white) portion of the editor window, then do a copy and paste here. Do the same for the terminal or output that appears in the black portion of the screen.



3. JavaScript Hand Trace Chart [2 points total]

PUT HAND TRACE CHART HERE [2 points] (Your Hand Trace Chart should include a column for each of the variables defined in the JavaScript code and a row for each line of code. Include an additional column to show output that is displayed to the user. Enter “Joe” for the name of the first player. Enter “Sam” for the name of the second player. Play once through assuming that Joe rolled a 4 and Sam rolled a 2. Play again, assuming Joe rolled a 4 and Sam rolled a 6. Play one last time assuming Joe rolled a 3 and Sam rolled a 3.

4. Short Answers [1 point each, 2 points total]

1. Give a description of the input validation loop process.

2. In this chapter you saw how a posttest loop can be used in input validation, as an alternative to the priming read followed by a pretest loop. Why is it typically not best to use a posttest loop approach?

5. Algorithms [1 point each, 5 points total]

1. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter a positive nonzero number and validates the input.

2. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter a number in the range of 1 through 100 and validates the input.

3. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter “yes” or “no” and validates the input (use a case-insensitive comparison).

4. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter a number that is greater than 99 and validates the input.

5. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter a secret word. The secret word should be at least 8 characters long. Validate the input.

6. Debugging Exercises [1 point each, 3 points total]

1. Why does the following pseudocode not perform as indicated in the comments?

// This program asks the user to enter a value between 1 and 10 validates the input. Declare Integer value

// Get a value from the user. Display “Enter a value between 1 and 10.” Input value

// Make sure the value is between 1 and 10. While value < 1 AND value > 10 Display “ERROR: The value must be between 1 and 10.” Display “Enter a value between 1 and 10.” Input value End While

2. Why does the following pseudocode not perform as indicated in the comments? // This program gets a dollar amount from the user and validates the input. Declare Real amount

// Get the amount from the user. Display “Enter a dollar amount.” Input amount

// Make sure the amount is not less than zero. If it is, get a new amount from the user. While amount < 0 Display “ERROR: The dollar amount cannot be less than zero.” Display “Enter a dollar amount.” End While

3. The following pseudocode works, but it performs a case-sensitive validation of the user’s input. How could the algorithm be improved so the user does not have to pay attention to capitalization when entering a name? // This program asks the user to enter a string and validates the input. Declare String choice

// Get the user’s response. Display “Cast your vote for chess team captain.” Display “Would you like to nominate Lisa or Tim?” Input choice

// Validate the input. While choice != “Lisa” AND choice != “Tiim” Display “Please enter Lisa or Tim.” Display “Cast your vote for chess team captain.” Display “Would you like to nominate Lisa or Tim?” Input choice End while

7. Pseudocode and RAPTOR Flowcharting Tool [10 points] [2]

Write the pseudocode and flowchart [3] using the RAPTOR Flowcharting Tool for the following program. The program is a follows:

Design and write a program that calculates and displays the number of minutes over the monthly contract minutes that a cell phone user incurred. The program should ask the user how many minutes were used during the month and how many minutes they were allowed. Validate the input as follows:

• The minimum minutes allowed should be at least 200, but not greater than 800. Validate input so that the minutes allowed are between 200 and 800. • The minutes used must be over 0. Validate input so that the user does not enter a negative value.

Once correct data is entered, the program should calculate the number of minutes over the minutes allowed. If minutes were not over, print a message that they were not over the limit. If minutes were over, for every minute over, a .20 fee should be added to the monthly contract rate of 74.99. Be sure not to add the .20 fee for minutes 1 to the number of minutes allowed, but rather just minutes over. Display the number of minutes used, minutes allowed, the number of minutes over, and the total due that month.

You should have the following functions and variables:

• A function that allows the user to enter in minutes allowed within the range of 200 and 800. (getAllowed) • A function that allows the user to enter in the minutes used greater than or equal to 0. (getUsed) • A function that calculates the minutes over. (calcOver) • A function that calculates the total due (calcTotalDue) • A function that prints a monthly use report (printData) • Variables: endProgram, minutesAllowed, minutesUsed, totalDue, minutesOver

a. Pseudocode (You will declare your variables and start a while loop that checks if the endProgram variable is “no” or not and validates the input. You will call getAllowed function to get the number of minutes allowed, validating the input as described above. You will call the getUsed function to get the number of minutes used, validating the input as described above. You will call the calcOver function that will return the total minutes over and call the calcTotalDue function that calculates the total due. Last, you will call the printData function that tell the user the minutes allowed, minutes used, minutes over and total due. ).


b. Flowchart (Your flowchart will start by declaring the variables needed and setting the endProgram to “no” initially. Next, in a loop you will check that the endProgram variable is set to either “yes” or “no” and validate the input and act accordingly. You will set your variables, call getAllowed, getUsed, calcOver, calcTotal and printData. Then you will ask the user if they wish to end the program or not. You will have subcharts or modules for the main, getAllowed, getUsed, calcOver, calcTotal and printData. You will validate the input in the getAllowed and getUsed modules using a pretest loop.)



One MS Word document and one RAPTOR file (named hw_w12.rap).

Put both files into a folder and zip them up before you use the Submit tool. For help or problems related to using Submit, please contact the Help Desk. Your program source file has to be named hw_w12.rap. Be sure the required identifying information (name, class, assignment numbers, etc.) are on all of your Word documents so that you can receive credit for your work.

1. A clearly organized document with the answers in order by number (there is no need to copy the questions back).

2. Your RAPTOR application file, named hw_w12.rap.

[1] This will apply to all assignments in this class.
[2] You should have plenty of experience doing flowcharts using RAPTOR in the previous homework assignments. To get additional help with functions in RAPTOR, please refer to the online assistance given within the RAPTOR program.
[3] (note that you will not be asked to produce an algorithm as part of this section going forward but you should still make sure you go through the necessary algorithm steps prior to beginning your pseudocode and flowchart).
[4] (include a copy of your flowchart here [do this by going to the file menu item in RAPTOR, then selecting the “Print to Clipboard” option … you must also have your Word file open and ready to paste into in order for it to work properly] and also submit it in a separate file called hw_w12.rap)

Coding in JavaScript

Please click on the JS_W12.pdf file attached to this container at the course for details on what you will need to know about the JavaScript programming language in order to complete this portion of the homework assignment for this week. Some additional online references on the language are listed below as well … all are free …

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd edition (9781593275846) …Thoroughly updated and revised, Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition shows you how to write effective JavaScript code. Click HERE for the link to get to this textbook on Safari … or HERE to get to it online …

JavaScript Pocket Reference, 3rd edition (9781449335977) …this book is an all-new excerpt of The Definitive Guide, collecting the essential parts of that hefty volume into this slim yet dense pocket reference. Click HERE for the link to get to this textbook on Safari …

Head First JavaScript Programming (9781449340131) …this book takes a light approach to earning JavaScript. It teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects, functions, and the browser’s document object model. You won’t just be reading—you’ll be playing games, solving puzzles, pondering mysteries, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined.. … click HERE to view it on Safari …

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