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From reading Antigone, a person can gather that it is a man’s world back then and the women had little to no say in anything. As the story goes on anyone can see that the writer is portraying the women as a strong, being able to take care of herself and more than capable of her making up her own mind about things that deal with her family and her. The writes shows the difference in the sisters on how the women should act and maybe did act in some cases. I could see a lot of women standing their ground back then as Antigone did. Antigone’ sister Ismene shows how women did as they were instructed to do and listen to the man. Antigone was the one who broke the rules and stood up for what she wanted and did not care what anyone thought. Creon is the leader that made his viewpoints known to everyone about the roles of woman and men. He never hid his thoughts on the general roles of men and woman. Antigone expresses her own convections when it came to the fact that she could not leave her brother out for the animals to come feast on him. Her love for her bother makes her want to break the law and bury him to give him and her peace I feel like. That part of her shows the compassion that a women has for another human being. One of the things that makes Antigone stand out just to start with is when she goes against the law that Creon has set and buries her brother because for it was not right to leave her loved one there to be eaten by other animals. Creon did not see her love for her brother or if he did he did not care. He felt like his law had to be enforced to show his power to his people. He was not pleased when he found out that it was a women hat had broken his orders. I think it hurt more on who she was because he knew her. Because of this he gives her life imprisonment showing that even though he has the power to kill her, he shows her mercy. By show her mercy he...

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