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Compairing Historical Communication

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Comparing Historical Communication Wow, what do I think of this topic? I’ll start off with elocution (behaviorism). During the 1700s elocution was considered an art form, and a formal discipline. Elocution encompasses a number of important principles, articulation, inflection, accent, voice, and gesture. The study of this topic seems to me, to be very important. Humans in general need to convey the meaning behind their message. Without this course of study and its effects on our modern world we as a species might not be as advanced as we are. Imagine one of our nation’s speakers approaches a podium in a foreign country. He is not dressed in proper attire. He gives his speech about how trade between our nations could benefit us both. Unfortunately he is slouched over and doesn’t move or gesture to convey the feelings and motives behind his speech. He delivers the speech without the correct intonation and volume. He doesn’t use effective wording and a rich tone of voice. I imagine witnessing this would be a catastrophe for any relations between two foreign nations. Without the study of behaviorism and the methods of elocution, we would still be living in hovels, and most likely living in fear of the people around us. My point of view about the interpretive studies or (humanism) would have to start with Classical Greek and Hellenistic Humanism. The classical period in Greece, and the Greek-influenced period that directly followed, was the wellspring for philosophy and art in Western Civilization.
It featured: * Human-centered sculpture and painting, in an increasingly natural and realistic style * A fascination with mathematics and geometry, leading to advances in architecture * A development of the art of drama and the creation of great works of theater * Writings on the subject of virtue and excellence
From this Era we gained some of the greatest...

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