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Companies and Thier View on Social Networking

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Companies and their views on social networking, right or wrong?
Jonathan Lee

Over the past few years social networking has started to grow into a bigger entity, almost now to a cultural level. It’s now to the point where younger children have started to use these forms of social networking such as Facebook to connect with friends or to update what they are currently doing. For example with Facebook, its main function is to keep people connected and intertwined to ensure that friends are able to know what each other are doing. And to do this they either make a status update, post a picture or a video, and even making new friends with someone thousands of miles away. But what happens when adults such as you and I start to use this kind of technology in a different way, instead to perhaps say something positive or negative about our place of employment? What if I were to say something bad about my boss or a co-worker, is the company obligated to discipline even though I had made this comment outside of work technically off the clock? The bigger question is if I do get disciplined, does the company have the right to do so? This is something that companies have to deal with on a regular basis now, and has become a very big problem for not only the companies but for too it’s employees. There has been a plethora of cases in which an employee had posted something negative about either a co-worker or the company and that employee had faced disciplinary consequences in doing so. Now not all of the cases had the same outcome but this is defiantly a current issue worth discussing particularly because there has been many different ways companies have dealt with this issue.

Before examining the privacy issues of Facebook, it is important to define and understand the meaning of the concept. There are many different definitions of privacy. One definition that

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