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1. People who bought a Porsche liked the image of exclusivity the car had. They wanted a car that showed how successful there were. The car mirrored their self-image which means owners like to see themselves in things that they owned. In the need recognition, the buyer need a car that represents their success. In the information search process, the buyers search strongly to find a car that satisfies their feelings. In the evaluation of alternatives is that they can use the car for accomplishing other daily task. In the purchasing decision, the buyer may purchase the car because it is seen as an exclusivity car. Finally in the postpurchase behavior, the customer ma feel satisfied with the purchase because it's the car they wanted. However a customer might feel unsatisfied if Porsche decides to revamp some of the cars to create a more affordable one.

2. Most Porsche buyers are not moved by information, but by feelings. Owners develop a personal relationship with their cats, one that has more to do with the way the car sounds, vibrates, and feels than how many cup holders it has or how much cargo it can hold in the trunk. They admire their Porsche because it is a competent performance machine without being flashy or phony. For those who buy the Cayenne or Panamera, they are looking for a family vehicle that can haul more people and stuff, but still be able to feel like they are driving a Porsche.

3. The concept of cultural factors explains why Porsche sold many lower-priced models in the 1970s and 1980s. When they created a more affordable Porsche, different social classes were able to experience that exclusivity. Porsche is a high-end car and so if it is affordable and there is a want, then people are wiling to buy it.

4. Explain how both positive and negative attitudes toward a brand like Porsche develop. How might Porsche change consumer...

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