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Acme Company

Job Title: Receptionist | Department: Customer Service | Job Code: SMAA/25 | Revision Date: 01/2015 | Job Grade: CG 5 |

Job Summary
Performs administrative and office support activities for the HR office. Duties include maintaining personnel files, performing administrative functions for the office personnel, assisting the public and employees with personnel questions, following company policy when dispensing information, reviewing and processing forms for personnel changes, monitoring staff time and payroll items, handling the HR director’s calendar, handling office mail, filing, typing as requested, answering phones, and other duties as assigned.

Key Responsibilities
Schedule appointments for employees, director, and customers
Distribute incoming and outgoing mail
File personal files and incoming or outgoing correspondence
Answer incoming phone calls and direct to the appropriate channel
Support employees and clients to dispense correct information
Collect timecards and payroll to input time and attendance
Demonstrate knowledge of company policies and correct information
Welcomes all clients and employees to ensure comfort upon entering the office.

* .

Knowledge of general filing system and document filing protocol
Knowledge of managing calendar
Typing (50 wpm, 100% accuracy)
Excellent English writing skills (structure, grammar, punctuation)
Computer skills
Microsoft Office skills/experience
Ability to file and retrieve files with 100% accuracy
Ability to understand correspondence formatting instructions
Ability to prioritize work assignments
One year customer service experience
High School Diploma
Four years experience data entry

Work Environment
Traditional office environment. May be sitting for long periods of time at desk. Required to work multi-line phone system...

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