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November 18, 2014

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Quantitative research methods are a collection of data that involves the use of numbers, graphs, and charts. With the quantitative method, questionnaire that consists of close ended questions can be used for analysis. Quantitative research method can be expressed by the use of variables. These variables can be continuous or discrete. A continuous variable is a variable that may take on any value between two specified variables. Discrete variables are not continuous. They are infinitely and the values are between maximum and minimum which can’t be attained. WidgeCorp should keep track on the amount of time the customer has to spend on the telephone to get their questions or problems resolved. The time spent on the phone with a customer care representative can range from approximately 0 to 90 minutes. WidgeCorp should also keep track on customer purchases. If a customer had to spend a long amount of time of the phone with a customer care representative, they may not purchase anything from the company. But, if the customer was satisfied with their phone call with the customer care representative, they probably will purchase from the company again. Also, the value of the purchase from the customer is important. This variable will be continuous from the customer who called the 1-800 phone with questions and concerns. If customers had to wait a long period of time before getting the called addressed by a customer care representative, the company should addressed that more training may be necessary. By calling the 1-800 phone bank, if the customer care representative take a long time in finding a solution for the customer, the company should monitor how the representative are trying to dissolved the problem. When customers called the 1-800 phone and are...

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