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Comparative Analysis of Pnb Bank

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1.1 Introduction of bank

Bank is a financial institution which deals with other’s people money i.e. money given by the depositors.The establishment authorized by a government to accept deopsits,pay interests,clear checks,make loans,act as an intermediary in financial transactions,and provide other financial services to the customers.The roots of banking can be treated to the earliest civilizations.The Egyptians and early societies of the Middle East developed the prototype upon which modern banking is based.Agriculture commodities were stored in granaries operated by the government, and the records of deopsits and withdrawls were manitained.

The name “bank” comes from the italian word ‘banco’.A banco was a table covered in green cloth where moneylenders completed their transactions in the marketplace.Those are preety humble beginnings for a major industry.Banking is a key component of the global financial system. Most large banks are now global in nature, with offices in all key financial centres, from New York to London to Hong Kong and have the power to influence the economies of countries around the world no matter how large, as seen during the recent financial crisis.

According to Robert Frost, ‘‘bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins . Introduction to the Indian Banking industry in historical prespective.

1.2 Indian Banking in historical prespective.

The origin of banking in India can be traced back to almost the Vedic period. Thetransformation from pure money lending to proper banking appears to have taken placebefore the times of Manu. Manu, a great Hindu jurist, has devoted a section of his workexplaining the deposits and advances and he even laid down certain rules onratesof interest.Through out Mauryan period and...

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