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Comparative Shop Report of Diesel

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When discussing options for my capsule collection in collaboration with Diesel, my immediate reaction was to interview the Diesel consumers themselves. This way I would be gaining solid and reliable primary information from the most important people. I interviewed 200 males from across London, Nottingham, Manchester, and Cardiff to gain a trustworthy and dependable view. My results from the interviews undertaken are presented in graphs below.

The majority of Diesel customers updated their jeans between 6-18 months. Some of the reasons why this was, because Diesel jeans are expensive they treat themselves to a pair when they can afford it, on the other hand many applauded the durability and design of the jeans so were not bothered about having too pay that much money.


After carrying out my initial comparative shop report it was mentioned that Diesel had not yet succumbed to any sales or promotions, however since the beginning of January all Diesel jeans have up to 50% off. It is not clear as to when this promotion is going to end either. This information is supported by my findings too. The majority of the men I interviewed did say that they could no longer afford to spend large amounts of money on individual garments. Instead they stressed that before £100+ jeans would not have bothered them, however now they would be looking to spend below this figure.


I felt that it was extremely important that I explored any weaknesses the consumers felt were an issue too. The main problem was that men would like to have some coloured denim within the range rather than just the same denim washes they always have. It was obvious that many consumers felt that there was not a wide enough range in terms of styles that reflects current trends; instead the styles are just subtle changes across their product range.

When analysing the primary research, it was obvious that although the consumers are extremely loyal and passionate for this extremely successful brand, they often get slightly bored with the product ranges available to them. To overcome this weakness ‘Insular’ is the innovative new menswear project, developed from the idea that limited edition products captivate men. ‘Insular’ promises to go that extra mile to offer directional and exclusive products for their customers. Diesel has always prided them as a brand that encourages their consumers to celebrate and embrace the fact they are individuals, thus rejecting current trends and becoming a ‘leader not a follower.’

To ensure that ‘Insular’ fits in within the fashion world, trend publications and trend forecast websites from Designer Forum were used in order to collect up and coming trend documentations and research.

Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, Diesel has become a leading director in pioneering new styles, manufacturing methods, fabric finishes and quality control to guarantee an exceptional product. Not only is the brand recognized for its opulent quality it has also become an acclaimed part of the youth culture worldwide encouraging consumers to celebrate individuality, thus rejecting current trends and becoming a ‘leader not a follower.’ Therefore showing that diesels target customer is somewhat unconventional, laid back yet craves and appreciates good quality jeans with an innovative edge. After carrying out initial research on this motivating brand the focal point of the chosen product area will be the denim range for men. This written account will consist of a meticulous comparative shop report which will pin point three of Diesel’s main competitors concentrating on their advantages and disadvantages as a fashion brand.

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