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Comparative Study of Human Resource Management with Reference to Nationalize & Private Bank at Case Study of Icici and State Bank.

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Ms Rajinder Kaur Bilkhu
Assistant Professor(M K Ponda College of Business and Management,bhopal


The role of Human Resources is changing as fast as technology and the global marketplace. Historically, the HR Department was viewed as administration, kept personal files and other records, managed the hiring process, and provided other administrative support to the business. The challenge for HR managers is to keep up to date with the latest HR innovations—technological, legal, and otherwise.

This report will give the information you need to know about these current HR challenges and how to most effectively manage them in your work place .Human resources is an increasingly broadening term with which an organization, or other human system describes the combination of traditionally administrative personnel functions with acquisition and application of skills, knowledge and experience, Employee Relations and resource planning at various levels.

It is the responsibility of human resource managers in a corporate context to conduct these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner. Human resource management serves these key functions., This paper Impact of Human Resource Management in Indian Banking Sector unfolds the key dimensions of HRM with a focus on ICICI Banks. This paper deals with the changing concepts of :-
1. Recruitment & Selection
2. Training and Development
3. Performance Evaluation and Management
4. Promotions.
5. Industrial and Employee Relations
6. Record keeping of all personal data.
7. Compensation, pensions, bonuses etc in liaison with Payroll
8. Confidential advice to internal customers in relation to problems at work development
9 Performance appraisal

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